Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hi all hope you all are well ...I can not believe that it is June 14 since I last posted anything here ...I blame the Facebook groups that and the fact I haven't been doing any crafting I do think this has been the longest I have been idle yikes!!!
I haven't really been an active Member of any of the Crafting sites anymore either and apart from the odd post I see on Facebook from Crafty friends my life and mind has been craft free but my bedroom is still full of crafting stash and my craft desk has turned into a Homework station for my 9 year old Son ..if you read please say Hello it would be great to hear from you x


Sherryn said...

Hi Cathy, wondered where you had got to. Hope your winter has not been too severe. My daughter is in Manchester and she is feeling the cold after having some big dumps of snow. Here in NZ we are going through a really hot summer. Hope to see your crafts when you are ready to come back. cheers xx

Cathy Glitter Happy said...

Thank you for your reply hope you and yours are all well I still do not know why my blog has no pictures and I still have not got back into crafting again but i am thinking about it x