Friday, 22 May 2009


I Have been given this by debbi Taylor so the rules are i thank the person for the award pass it on to at lest 7 people who deserve it and then list 10 honest things about myself
so i am passing it to .
10 honest things about me
1..I love food
2..I am not a natural blonde
3..I am overweight
4..I buy far too much craft items
5..I really want a robo
6...i would like an other child
7..I drive too fast
8..I spoil my little boy
9...I dont go to church
10..I love my other half


Maria said...

Thank you very much Cathy you lovely lady. xx

Rainmac said...

Thank you so much Cathy, need to work out how to add this to my blog now... ;-)

Tasha said...

Thank you hun!! Thats brightened my day up! Hugs, Tash

Tasha said...

Thank you hunni for some reason i'm constantly missing you on msn, i don't use yahoo messenger much as i've had another hacker on it!, Your always welcome for a chat anytime, Tash xxxx

Trimgym said...

Thanks Cathy for this lovely award, I'm afraid, I'm only just getting organised to put this (by now) very old award on and trying to look for some deserving bloggers to pass it on to.